Re-Commissioning installation and functional test verification of approximately $5M project with 50,000 SF of existing office building and support spaces. Re-Commissioning services included design review, BAS sequences of operations review, submittal reviews, coordination meetings, site visits, witnessing major equipment startup, writing and execution of Pre-Functional and Functional test reports, back check of testing and balancing, and tracking of observed deficiencies into project deficiencies log until closure.  Engineering duties included design & submittal review, value engineering, RFI coordination, budget control, & schedule. The re-commissioning team investigated, reviewed, and analyzed all existing building issues discovered during site investigation phase, during testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB), and during the upgrades to existing Direct Digital Control systems. Recommended corrective actions were reviewed from a global point of view, comprising of short-term improvements and/or long-term system reconfigurations/adjustments to the building’s air distribution, equipment components, and building automation sequences. Recommendations were labeled by priority and recommended energy conservation measures are supported with life-cycle cost analysis.  Re-commissioning optimized the systems performance, energy efficiency, occupant comfort, & indoor air quality.